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Hi! Welcome to vanessamacias.com!

As much as I think this is absolutely pretentious, I was told by many people that I needed my own website to be professionally built. So here it is.

There are different tabs for you to explore, depending on your reason for visiting this site. For instance, if you’d like to hire me for something, please check out my “About Me” and “Media” pages. If you’d REALLY like to hire me, please enter your info on the “Contact Us” page. It says “Us” because I don’t get that stuff. It goes to a group of my cousins wielding tire irons. ENJOY!!!

Whether you’re here because you love me, hate me, or stumbled onto this by accident… I’d like for you to hire me. OR give to any and/or all of the charities I support.


November 15, 2013


Few people know it, but I have a…

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November 15, 2013

Fill the Frame

“Fill the frame.” Anyone who ever asked Rick…

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July 18, 2012

Vanessa competed in The Amazing Race 20!

It Happened. It was a dream I’ve had…

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